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Sneaker Fund


The Sneaker Fund is a philanthropy inside the Shrines Hospitals for Children. The Sneaker Fund is a fund raising activity for Shriners Hospitals for Children Burn Research and operated only during Shrine events. I.S.C.A. operates this activity under the annual permission of the Imperial Council, which I.S.C.A. gets from each Imperial Potentate. Under today's critical eye of the IRS, I.S.C.A. and the Shrine must be very careful in presenting any fund raising plans as not to violate or jeopardize our charitable status. Therefore in the soliciting of funds, follow these general instructions.

First: Always have the blessing of your Potentate and Divan to operate a Sneaker at your Temple, Club and Unit meetings. Realizing the Temple is acknowledged for credit, as it gave you permission, your monies are added into the Temples' total for the year.

Second: Do Not offer tax deductibility for contributions for your clowning and host deduction. If there is a need for a receipt, then channel the gift directly to the hospital through the Tampa Office, where a 501 (C)(3) number may be applied. If clowns receive money for participation and expenses reimbursed, then it is prudent not to apply income tax deductions.

Third: Common Sense applies, as I.S.C.A. does not encourage a pushy atmosphere, I.S.C.A. relies on the genuine desire to help our Burn Research for our kids. Do not let zeal turn people off by being too exuberant.

Fourth: Please send money in check, never cash, to the office of the I.S.C.A. Secretary, which is always listed in Clown Alley magazine (...and here on the site).

The proceeds from your Sneaker Fund efforts are transferred annually at the Mid-Winter Meeting. Remember the proceeds go to the hospital budgets for burned children and burns research.

Fifth: Please never underestimate the Thanks and Appreciation that I.S.C.A., the children and Shriners Hospitals has for you and your Club and Units efforts.

As for questions, specific, call or write me as Chairman.

Donations to the Sneaker Fund

Since 1997 I.S.C.A. has been including all monies that are donated directly to our Shriner Hospitals by our I.S.C.A. Clown Units through their Temples (Shrine Centers) and their Sneaker Fund. Below are some guidelines.
Unit President or Senior Officer, Secretary and Temple Potentate signatures are needed on Direct Donation Form.

  1. Money generated by Unit but sent in direct to Imperial in Tampa.
  2. Money donated to the Sneaker Fund where a receipt for tax purposes is requested by the donor:
    • To receive a receipt for 501 (C)(3) tax purposes, the donor makes their check payable to "Shriners Hospital for Children",
    • Then add "Red Sneaker Fund" on the note/for line of the check.
    • Mail the check to the current ISCA Secretary and it will be recorded as a Sneaker Fund donation and fowarded on to Imperial for the tax receipt.
  3. Money donated to Temple (Shrine Center) for Shriner Hospitals.
  4. Money donated to Temple (Shrine Center) for Blood Fund.
  5. Money donated to Temple (Shrine Center) for Transportation Fund.
  6. Money donated direct to Shriner Hospitals for Wish List.

Note: Money donated to the Temples General Fund is NOT counted as a Sneaker Fund donation by I.S.C.A. and MUST NOT BE submitted as such. ////////////////////////////

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