International Shrine Clown Association

No man stands so tall as when he stoops to help a child
Black Camel
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Past Presidents

(* indicates called by the Black Camel)

1963-64* Arthur C. Roeber Medinah
1964-65* Slim - M.H. Dismukes Zamora
1965-66* Doc Rut - Dr. I. Rutkoski Kena
1966-67 Pappy - Ralph L. Davis Sharon
1967-68* Tiny - Thomas C. Phillips Zem Zem
1968-69* Syd - Sid Brockman Nile
1969-70* Balloon Man - David H. Beatty Al Sihah
1970-71* G.L. Cobleigh Melha
1971-72* Otto - Otto C. Miller Moolah
1972-73* Jif - Glen W. Wheeler Zor
1973-74* Dune Buggy - James L. Russell Alcazar
1974-75* Jolly Green Giant - Leroy E. Canada Melha
1975-76* Uncle Mike - Floyd B. Rinker Syria
1976-77* Muggs -Lloyd Webb Aloha
1977-79* Bob-O - Robert L. Lloyd Kosair
1979-80* Kor Key - Wayne McDowell El Kahir
1980-81* Blinkie - Lorne Beutler Moslem
1981-82* Dickie - Richard B. Lavin Aleppo
1982-83* Freckles - Jack Anderson Morocco
1983-84* Bumble Bee - Kenneth I. Barrett El Kahir
1984-85* Strawberry - W.C. Watts El Mina
1985-86 Pump Handle - James Fankhanel Beni Kedem
1986-87* Mitzie - E.C. Mitzel Zuhrah
1987-88* Sparkles - Chris K. Johnson Tebala
1988-89* Pee Wee - Charles W. Beumler Crescent
1989-90* Tinker - D. Randolph Holt Melha
1990-91 Shorty - David Barnett El Mina
1991-92* Apple Jack - Jack Whipple Afifi
1992-93 Griffie - Paul Griffin Osman
1993-94 Ralph - Bill Ralph Aladdin
1994-95* Patches - Bill Knowles Rameses
1995-96 Rollo - Ernie Pearlstein Aleppo
1996-97* Oppo - Lyle Boyd Afifi
1997-98* Troubles - Walter Kendall Moolah
1998-99 Bago - Dale Bieber Egypt
1999-00* Clyde - Oscar Cloutier Kora
2000-01 Dandy Lion Walter Ulrich Hadi
2001-02* Ol’ Coach - Joe Cole Ben Hur
2002-03 RC - Richard Cain Yaarab
2003-04* Foooey - Larry Stringer Moolah
2004-05* Skeeter - Walter Seavey Mohammed
2005-06* Stripes - Ed Whitenett Al Azhar
2006-07 Ootz - Sanford Morris Zuhrah
2007-08 Grimee - Ken Taylor Abou Ben Adhem
2008-09 10 Can - Bill London Moslah
2009-10* Hambone - John Wilbanks Yaarab
2011-12 Wuzzels - Randy Weldon Za Ga Zig
2012-13 Buzzy - Mark Burgad Naja
2013-14 Patches - George Pipes Cahaba
2014-15 Peaches - Robert Bassett Ainad
2015-16 Cactus - Lon Burke Arab/Hadi
2016-17 Cliff Hartmier Khartum


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