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I'm updating this list, and have requested each judging volunteer reconfirm their willingness to travel to serve as a competition judge. If you are a certified I.S.C.A. judge, and would like your name added to the list, please send email to the webmaster for inclusion.

Region or Area
Email Address
Bob "Peaches" Bassett and Beverly Bassett USA & Canada email Peaches
Lon "Cactus" Burke Throughout Shrine of North America Email Cactus
Glenn "Inky" Cunningham East, Southeast, Mid-America email Inky
Daryl "Hi Pockets" & Lisa Finley Midwest email Hi Pockets
email Lisa

Dennis "Nitro" Fischer

PNSCA and Midwest area Email Nitro
Bill "10 Can" London USA & Canada email 10 Can
John "no dough" Maloney PNSCA + Midwest email no dough
Mark "Winkles" Payne Great Lakes Area + Upper East Coast USA email Winkles
George “Patches” Pipes USA & Canada email Patches
Regina “Cricket” Pipes USA & Canada email Cricket
Clayton "Pabo" Robertson GLSCUA, CSSCA Region + Texas email Pabo
Lou Ann Seavey USA & Canada email Lou Ann
Dennis "Radish" Schweinsburg Northeast US, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast US Email Radish
Rupert "Cy-Lo" Solis Iowa, Minnesota, Kansas, Kentucky, Tennesse and Missouri email Cy-Lo
Bret "SnapTrap" Stahler GLSCUA Region email SnapTrap
Randy "Wuzzles" Weldon USA & Canada email Wuzzles
Kenneth "Diamonds" & Susan "Miz Suze" Whigham USA & Canada email Diamands & Miz Suze


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