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Clown Education


Follow these links to various articles on Clowning and Shrine Clowning topics.

  1. "Judges Seminars" - by Walter "Skeeter" Seavey (August/September 1997 1997 - "Clown Alley)
  2. "History of Clowning" excerpt section of "Cover Story", by Steve Smith (T.J. Tatters), Director -- Ringling Bros/Barnum & Bailey Clown College (Dec 90/Jan 91)
  3. "Mid-Winter Competition" by Walter "Skeeter" Seavey (Dec 97/Jan 98)
  4. "Clown Originality" by Randy "Wuzzles" Weldon (Dec 03/Jan 04)
  5. "How Does A Clown Act?" by Walter "Skeeter" Seavey (April/May 1997 - "Clown Alley)
  6. "Fund Raising Idea..." by Herb "Herbie" Grills, Sneaker Chairman, Canada (April/May 1997 - "Clown Alley")
  7. "Clowning with Seriously Ill Children" by Paul Robinson, Ph.D., (June/July 1997 - "Clown Alley"
  8. "Notes on being a Good Circus Clown" by Herb "Herbie" Grills, Sneaker Chairman, Canada (August/September 1997 - "Clown Alley")
  9. "How About That Working Clown" by Oscar "Clyde" Cloutier (August/September 1997 - "Clown Alley"
  10. "That is my Gag" by Walter "Skeeter" Seavey (October/November 1997 - "Clown Alley"
  11. "Reflections of a Novice Joey" by Lincoln "OPPEE" Richards (October/November 1990 - "Clown Alley"
  12. "Are we having a FUN Year or What?" by Oscar "Clyde" Cloutier (October/November 1997 - "Clown Alley"
  13. "I Love You, Wollie" by Jackie "Lolliebells" Garner (December 97/January 98 - "Clown Alley"


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