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Approved July1st 2007 by ISCA General Membership

Anaheim CA. Imperial Session
Imperial Council Approval October 18, 2007


This association shall be known as "International Shrine Clown Association." hereinafter referred to as the Association.


The Association is formed for the following Purposes:

1. To promote acquaintance, friendship and fellowship among the members of the Clown Units or Clubs and throughout Shrinedom.

2. To exchange ideas, practices and methods of operations for the betterment of all Shrine Clown Units or Clubs.

3. To promote in every way favorable publicity for our individual Shrine Temples as well as Shrinedom in general.

4. To promote fun and entertainment for any occasion, in keeping with our obligations as a Mason and a Shriner.

5. To support the philanthropy of Shrinedom through the SNEAKER FUND for Burns Research.

6. To uphold all Imperial Council, A.A.O.N.MS, (Iowa Corporation) By-Laws and Shrine Protocol.


SECTION 1. Officers of the Association shall be a President, a First-Vice President, a Second Vice-president, a Third Vice-president, a Secretary, a Treasurer all of whom must be members in good standing in their Unit and the Association and elected by secret ballot at the Midwinter Meeting of the Association by a majority vote of the Units represented. Each Unit shall be entitled to only one (1) vote. An Officer, once elected to office shall continue to be eligible to hold office unless he is dropped or suspended from his Unit for violation of Shrine Law. No Officer can hold a concurrent Executive Line office in a Temple, Regional Shrine Clown Association or other non-Shrine Association.

SECTION 2. It shall be mandatory that to be nominated for the office of President the candidate must have served at least two (2) years as an elected officer of the Association except in the event of death or resignation of more than one elected officer during the year.

SECTION 3. No Unit, Club, Temple or Regional Shrine Clown Association may have more than one (1) elected officer in any one (1) year with the exception of the offices of Secretary and Treasurer. The elected officers must declare which Regional Association, Temple, Unit or Club he will represent at his election and may not change for his entire tenure of consecutive terms as an elected officer unless he moves his residence and membership from said declared Regional Association, Temple, Unit or Club.

SECTION 4. The term of office shall be one (1) year and an elected officer cannot succeed himself except the Secretary and Treasurer.

SECTION 5. The President shall act as the Executive Officer and shall preside at all meetings of the Association and the Executive Committee; he shall have general supervision of all the affairs of the Association and shall also have such other powers and duties as may properly belong to his office or shall be prescribed by the Executive Committee; he shall appoint all standing and special committees; and make such other appointments he deems necessary for the proper administration of the Association, such appointment to be concurrent with the term of office of the President.

SECTION 6. The First Vice-president shall serve as Assistant to the President in the administration of the affairs of the Association and shall perform such specific duties as may be assigned him by the President. In the absence of the President, he shall preside at meetings.

SECTION 7. The Second Vice-president shall preside at meetings in the absence of the President and First Vice-president. He shall be in charge of all competitions and make necessary arrangements for Association Competitions and the Awards at the Midwinter Session and Imperial Council Session. He shall supervise, in coordination with the General Chairman of the Host Unit, any competitions held during the Midwinter Meeting. The Third Vice President shall assist him and other Officers and Members as needed.

In addition, he shall perform any other duties assigned by the President.

SECTION 8. The Third Vice-president shall preside at meetings in the absence of the President, First Vice-president and Second Vice-president. He shall be in charge of membership. He shall assist the Second Vice President at all competitions in preparation of assuming those duties the following year. He shall be in charge of Pins and Patches. He shall keep a running inventory on such items that the Association may have available for sale as deemed appropriate by the Executive Committee.

In addition, he shall perform any other duties assigned by the President.

SECTION 9. The Secretary will keep a record of the proceedings of all meetings of the Association. He will assist the Officers in the clerical work of the Association. He shall receive all moneys due the Association, making a record of the same and turning the moneys over to the Treasurer, taking his receipt therefore. He will maintain a complete roster of all member Units and perform such other duties as pertain to the office. He will furnish the Officers of the Association a roster of Member Units or Clubs with the address of the Officers of said Units or Clubs He will coordinate with the Host Unit the necessary arrangements for the Annual Meetings and the annual Awards Affairs. He shall inform the Imperial Recorder of the current officers' names, titles, and addresses by March 1st each year. The Term Limit that any member may serve as Secretary is Five (5) years (five (5) one year terms).

SECTION 10. The Treasurer shall receive all moneys from the Secretary, giving his receipt therefore. He shall maintain a checking account in a bank approved by the Executive Committee. He shall make prompt payment of all authorized bills and submit a written account of such at the Annual Meeting. All checks must be (Signed) by Two (2): the Treasurer and / or the President or Secretary. All bills exceeding the current budget and over $100 will need prior approval by the President or the Executive Committee. The Treasurer shall not serve more than three (3) consecutive terms.

SECTION 11. The Secretary and Treasurer will be bonded in an amount to be determined by the Executive Committee, the premium on such bond to be paid annually by the Association. An audit of the records of the Association will be conducted prior to the Midwinter Meeting. The President will appoint the committee for this audit.

SECTION 12. The Education Director, appointed by the President, will be in charge of all aspects of Educational Seminars.

He shall co-ordinate with the host unit any seminars to be held at Midwinter session.

He shall co-ordinate with the Executive Offices the types and number of seminars to be held.

SECTION 13. The U.S. Sneaker Fund Chairman will be in charge of all aspects of the Sneaker Fund.

SECTION 14. The Association shall be under the management of the Executive Committee consisting of all elected Officers and the immediate Past President, all of which shall have a vote on Committee recommendations and decisions. The President shall be chairman of the Executive Committee. Regular meetings of the Executive Committee shall be held quarterly at such time and place as the Executive Committee shall determine, and each member is required to attend a minimum of 50 % of said meetings. Special meetings of the Executive Committee shall be held when called by the President or when requested by four (4) or more members of the Executive Committee at such time and place, as the President shall decide. A quorum of the Executive Committee shall consist of a simple majority of the elected officers.

SECTION 15. There shall be an Advisory Board consisting of all Past Presidents, who are Life Members of the Association. The Advisors Board shall provide advice and assistance where appropriate and when deemed necessary in the pursuit of its purpose. Members of the Advisory Board should be invited to participate in all activities and discussions of the Executive Committee but shall have no vote in its final determinations.

SECTION 16. The Officers shall be installed at an appropriate ceremony to be held during the Midwinter Meeting.

SECTION 17. Each incoming President shall receive a properly engraved gavel designating his tenure of office and an engraved jewel befitting the office, from the Association. Each Past President shall be made a Life Member and receive a plaque designating his term of office. Other Officers shall receive an appropriate jewel to be worn during their term of office designating their titles.


SECTION 1. The membership of this Association shall consist of members of Clown Units or Clubs authorized by a Temple of the Ancient Arabic Order Nobles of the Mystic Shrine of North America upon submission of a prescribed application and payment of dues to the Association. Such dues shall be twenty dollars ($20.00) per capita per annum payable in U.S. Funds on or before the first day of January. During the fourth quarter of the calendar year the Association Secretary will forward to each members Unit or Club, two copies of a roster of its members as shown on the Association master list including the name of each Officer of the Unit or Club with their addresses. Unit or Club Secretaries shall make such corrections as are necessary, deleting those who have dropped from the Unit or Club and adding those new members who have joined the Unit or Club, and return one copy to the Association Secretary along with the correct amount of money required to pay the Unit's or Club's annual dues. Unit or Club dues shall be determined by this roster. A member who has paid his dues to March 31 of the current year is in good standing. He ceases to be in good standing on the day following (April 1st) if he has failed to pay his dues for the New Year. A member still delinquent in the payment of his dues as of May 31 shall be suspended and dropped from the rolls as of that date, and the Association Secretary shall be promptly so notified. Unit or Club Secretaries are encouraged to pay Unit or Club dues promptly since members must have a current dues card in their possession in order to attend all Business Sessions. New members joining the Association during the fourth quarter of the calendar year shall receive a dues card for the New Year.

SECTION 2. In addition to the dues stated in Article IV Section 1., an eligibility fee of five dollars ($5.00) per capita payable in U.S. funds shall be paid for each new individual member joining a member Unit or Club. Members who have been dropped for nonpayment of dues as stated in Section 1 and who are reinstated after May 31st, shall be required to pay the eligibility fee the same as a new member. New members may be added to a Unit or Club's roster at any time by notifying the Association Secretary, providing the correct name and address of the new member, and paying the required fees. New members shall receive a patch to be worn on the costume, identifying them as members of this Association, a membership certificate, and a dues card for the current year.

SECTION 3. Each Unit or Club shall require each individual member listed on the roster to purchase and wear a designated patch identifying him as a member of the Association.

SECTION 4. An Individual Membership shall have all rights of the Association membership, except the rights to vote or hold an Association office, either elected or appointed. He must be a member of a Temple recognized by the Imperial Council, A.A.O.N.M.S.


SECTION 1. The Annual Meeting of the Association shall be held concurrently with the Midwinter Meeting, and the Installation of Officers shall take place at an appropriate ceremony sometime during the Midwinter Meeting. The Clown-A-Rama and an Awards Affair will be held during the week of the Annual Imperial Session.

SECTION 2. There shall be a Midwinter Meeting of the Association to be held during the month of February and to last a minimum of three (3) days. Annual reports will be made and the annual election of officers will be held at this time. Units or Clubs desiring to host the Midwinter Meeting shall submit its request in writing to the Association Secretary in time for it to be considered three (3) years in advance. The request should contain proposed dates for the Convention, a brief outline of proposed activities, housing and transportation information and must be signed by the Potentate of the requesting Temple. Selection of the Midwinter Meeting site shall require a simple majority of those qualified and voting.

SECTION 3. There shall be an Association Meeting during the Annual Imperial Council Session with Officer reports.

SECTION 4. Each Unit or Club planning to be represented at any meeting of the Association shall have its Delegate register with the Association Secretary upon arrival at the meeting site. A Unit or Club for purposes of this Section and Unit or Club competition conducted during Association sponsored functions shall consist of at least five (5) members in good standing in the Association.


SECTION 1. The Official Philanthropy of the Association shall be known as the SNEAKER FUND. The purpose of the SNEAKER FUND shall be to provide financial support for Bums Research within the Shrine Hospital Burns Program.

SECTION 2. The SNEAKER FUND Program shall be under the direction of the U.S. Sneaker Fund Chairman.

SECTION 3. The SNEAKER FUND Program must annually obtain the written approval from the Imperial Potentate and the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Shrine Hospitals for Children.


SECTION 1. The official publication for the Association shall be called CLOWN ALLEY, and it shall be published bimonthly and edited by an Editor to be appointed annually by the President with concurrence of a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the members of the Executive Committee.

SECTION 2. Each member Unit or Club is encouraged to send in copies of Unit or Club Minutes and/or other items, which are considered newsworthy, and of general interest to the membership for publication in CLOWN ALLEY.


Budgetary control shall be under the supervision of the Executive Committee. All expenditures of funds shall be in accordance with the budget as established by the Executive Committee and approved by the members at the Association Midwinter Meeting. The expenditures authorized by the annual budget shall be under the direction of the Treasurer. Any purchase in excess of that authorized by the budget and / or order obligating funds of the Association by any member must first be cleared through the Association Secretary or President before any commitment of funds may be made.


The fiscal year and dues year of the Association shall both begin January 1st and end December 31st of the same year.


Participating clowns, acts or stunts shall:

1. Not use any operating flashing emergency-type lights or sirens.

2. Not drink any intoxicating beverages before or during any parade, performance or public event while in costume.

3. Not wear a costume or use any equipment that may be offensive in this Association or to the General public.

4. Not touch women while in costume in public.

5. Not throw items of any kind. This includes candy, gum, novelties and balloons. These items may be handed out if other Rules and Regulations do not specifically prohibit.

6. Not use any obscene gestures or language while appearing in costume, makeup or uniform.

7. Not impersonate a woman, political figures or any ethnic or minority group, which might reflect unfavorably upon the Association and the Imperial Shrine.

8. Shall not appear at any Association function without current Shrine and Association dues cards. Also the Association patch must be worn.

9. Not smoke in costume in public. The use of DEAD cigar butts will be allowed for Tramp costumes.

10. The passing out of candy, gum or balloons will be permitted during functions of this Association except from vehicles.

11. Not use any domestic or wild animals, fowl or reptiles.

12. Not use full or partial facemasks of any type.

13. Strive to look their best as a true Clown.

14. Not abuse spectators by subjecting them to practical humiliating jokes or by squirting or shocking them.

15. Not have any demeaning displays that may be considered in poor taste.

NOTE: The President or his emissary shall, at his discretion, have authority to discipline, including ejection from functions of this Association, any member who does not abide by this Code of Conduct as listed above


These By-laws may be amended at any regular or announced meeting of the Association by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of all qualified delegates present, providing the proposed amendment has first been submitted in writing to the Chairman of the By-laws Committee in sufficient time for it to be discussed by the By-laws Committee at their next meeting and subsequently published in the following issue of Clown Alley with the By-laws Committee 's recommendation.

The By-laws Committee shall be composed of the immediate three Past Presidents. Their terms shall be staggered with a new member added each year. No member of the By-laws Committee shall serve more than one three (3) year term consecutively, except in the event of death or resignation.


"Robert's Rules of Order" shall be the authority for all matters of procedures not specifically covered by the Constitution and By-laws


In the event of the discontinuance and dissolution of the Association, after the payment or satisfaction of all debts of the Association, the remaining assets, funds, and/or property shall vest in and become the property of the Imperial Council, no part of said assets or funds to inure to the benefit of any member of the Association and no funds or property to be distributed among or revert to any member, officer or director of the Association.



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