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Greetings Fellow Joey’s,
Our elected Treasurer had to resign his position, and Past President Lon “Cactus” Burke has agreed to be the interim Treasurer until February. Cactus is not available to fill the position beyond the February election of officers. That means we need an ISCA member to step up and offer their services as Treasurer.  Please have anyone interested contact me for requirements and information. 
Yours in Clowning, 

Clayton “Pabo” Robertson
ISCA Secretary


Dues cards are now being sent via email. If your unit members want their dues cards it is important that we have accurate email addresses for our membership. This change is being made to reduce ever increasing cost of supplies and postage. The emails will not be given to entities outside of the organization and will only be used to send ISCA information to our members. Please send your email address to:

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.. - No Saturday Zoom Video Meetings until after Labor Day; then just once a month.

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Do you want your own email address? If so, contact the ISCA Webmaster and give him the user name you want to use.  Your email address would look like this: If the username you wish is already in use, the webmaster will email you so the two of you can work out an alternate.

Upcoming Events and Competitions

  •     . ISCA Mid-Winter Convention, Nashville, TN Feb 18-21, 2021
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        . 2021 Imperial Session, Houston, Tx July 4-8, 2021

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