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Fund Raising Idea...


"And Herbie Writes"
(from April/May 1997 issue of "Clown Alley")

Herb "Herbie" Grills, Sneaker Chairman, Canada

Here is a great fund raising idea which is a proven fund raiser! Consider that there are a number of ISCA clowns who for one reason or another are unable to "put on the face" but who are still members and are important to us. Consider a "Sneaker Lottery." Rameses has a Shriners Lottery and it is a sell out every year, in fact I missed out on my ticket this year. Here are the facts from that particular fund raiser:

Number of tickets sold - 3700, Selling price per ticket - $104.00, Monies realized - $384,800, Prizes - 50%, $192,000, Profit - $192,000 less operating costs.

WOW! What a potential... I can just imagine a group of temple clowns running with this idea and making a major contribution to our Canadian Shriners Hospitals Sneaker Fund.

Rameses offers 11 chances each week for full year to win the following prizes:

  • One $1,000.00 draw
  • One $500.00 draw
  • Four $250 draw
  • Five $100 draw

Plus one "Spectacular" draw... New Cadillac or $40,000.00 (either/or).

Of course, the size of this lottery could be adjusted to meet the membership numbers of the various temples.

Be aware that in addition to temple approval, we must comply with provincial lottery rules and regulations.

Your mission if you decide to accept it has been stated. Please put me down for the first ticket.

Love to hear from you.

Herb Grills


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