International Shrine Clown Association

No man stands so tall as when he stoops to help a child
Black Camel
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Appointed Officers

Sneaker Fund Chairman (US)
Assistant Sneaker Fund Chairman (US)
Sneaker Fund Chairman (Canada)
the Clown
the Clown
Nitro the Clown

 Steve “Swampy” Marsh

Dale "Darrell" Holmen (Zor)
H:(608) 241-4751 C: (608)-513-2570

Dennis “Nitro” Fischer (Al Azhar)
H: (403) 527-5215 Cell: (403) 548-1125

Assistant Sneaker Fund Chairman (Canada)
Mexico Sneaker Fund Chairman (Mexico)
Clown Alley Editor
buzzB the Clown
Windies the Clown

Bob "buzzB" Gordon
Ontario, Canada
C: 905-966-3357


Ill Sir Augustin “Windies” Martinez Sibaja Mexico
H: (5255) 5343-5851 C: (52155) 3335-8823

Lon “Cactus” Burke (Arab & Hadi)
H: (618) 736-2763 Cell: (618) 214-8596

Junior Past President
Assistant Webmaster
Cactus the Clown
Yankee-Doodle the Clown
Skids the Clown
Lon “Cactus” Burke (Arab & Hadi)
H: (618) 736-2763 Cell: (618) 214-8596

Scott "Yankee Doodle" Adams
C: (989) 324-7509

Trent “Skids” Stier (Tangier)
(402) 305-8201

Education Director
Shy Clown
Andrew “Chili Pepper” Mellman (Syrian)
(513) 891-8959



Randy “Wuzzles” Weldon (Za Ga Zig)

Ken “Dizzy” Gillespie (Kem)

Master of Ceremonies
Chris “Clyde” Twiford (Abu Bekr)

Lon Burke PP (Chair)
Bob Bassett PP
George Pipes PP

Imperial Liaison
George “Patches” Pipes (Cahaba)

Jim “Murf” Murphy (Midian)

Sneaker Fund Ambassadors
Gene “Geno” Harris (Tebala)
Charles “Lucky Chucky” Drennan (Rizpah)
Greg “Fireplug” Wilhite (Hadi)

Sneaker Fund Ambassadors - Canada
Dennis “Nitro” Fischer (Al Azhar)
Robert "Buzzb" Gordon (Rameses)

Mark “Buzzy” Burgad (Naja)

Reginald “Reggie” Hall (Khartum)

President’s Personal Aides
Dennis “Todo” McQuade (Khartum)
Aldo “Bundy” Romani (Khartum)
Robert “Sunshine” Robinson (Khartum)




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